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Saturday, June 14, 2003

INCEPTION DATE: October 19, 2002







This website, like the Anthrax Killer case, is a mosaic. Seemingly meaningless or unrelated pieces are being carefully assembled to eventually reveal the totality of the circumstances

- the big picture.

  If you seek instant gratification – please go elsewhere.

 However, if you have been following this case, carefully study what is before you - on each page.

  If you're smart, you may find some gems here





Preface: This website has espoused the unpopular, contrarian position that the FBI Behavioral Profile is accurate.

We believe that the Anthrax Mailer is indeed a "Lone Wolf" and is not connected with the Bio-Defense establishment;

that he is more a Theodore Kaczynski than an Osama Bin Ladin.

Here we will flesh out this view and present some, as yet, unpublished material such as a Geographical Profile, in an effort to

shed some light upon this dark and seemingly stagnant case.

What may, at first, appear to be dated material - or old news, is re-examined for truths forgotten or dismissed.


This site is under construction.

Please bear with us and return for frequently added material.









 Who mailed the anthrax?



Monday, October 15, 2001

From wire service reports

"If the current anthrax scare is the handiwork of terrorists, they may be home-grown psychopaths like the Unabomber -- not a tightly organized ring.

The target total is too small, the methods too crude and the anthrax too unsophisticated to be part of a concerted attack by the same stripe of terrorists who planned the devastating Sept. 11 hijackings


Neither the cases in New York nor those in Florida look like full-blown bioterrorism," said anthrax expert Jeanne Guillemin, who investigated an accidental release of spores from a Soviet biological weapons lab in 1979. "It looks more like the Unabomber, a disgruntled individual who has it in for people."


For proof of their theories, she and others simply point to the numbers and the methods of operation. The events appeared to be isolated, apparently not spread through the rest of the buildings, and the anthrax samples appeared to be crude loads that didn't spread well or easily.


"There is no evidence that we should panic, or that America is under attack by anthrax." said Tony Cordesman, who specializes in Middle East terror tactics for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.


The anthrax in New York and Florida, several experts pointed out, was not the fine powder form that infects quickly and was not genetically enhanced to resist antibiotics -- both basic alterations routinely done in countries that develop biological weapons, such as Iraq.


And delivering it by mail was amateurish. Applications to distribute it widely through the air would be more like a terrorist move, experts said.


Robert Ressler, a former FBI profiler who coined the term "serial killer" and helped put Unabomber Ted Kaczynski behind bars in 1996, said the cases sound way too familiar to him.


He said if someone purposefully sent the anthrax, he or she is more likely nursing a grudge against the media -- in the way Kaczynski hated technology -- or a mentally ill copycat seeking a thrill.


"The first thing I thought when I saw these things happen is that this is just some nut case," said Ressler. "I still think that. Terrorists who are doing something as dedicated as flying planes into the trade center, they wouldn't (bother) with American tabloids.


"I just don't think people like the terrorists we are after would bother with minutia like these incidents in Florida and New York," Ressler said. "The next time they do something, it will be significant. Not this."


Cordesman pointed out that well before Sept. 11, 2001 native-born American citizens made biological and chemical threats in the United States every year."


…..and letters marked Anthrax came in the mail.






What if the heavily criticized FBI Behavioral Profile of the Killer-by-Anthrax is correct?


No Fort Detrick, no Porton Down,

no Bio-Warfare, no Person of Interest:


Just a renegade, lone wolf, disgruntled American Scientist..........who lives in New Jersey.







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